Why Is My PayPal Payment On Hold ?

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Sometimes We Face PayPal Payment On Hold Problems. Know Reasons Why It Happens And What are The common reasons why a payment may be temporarily unavailable.

You’re a new seller with PayPal, or you’re an established seller but have opened a new account. It takes time to build up enough history of successful transactions.
You haven’t sold in a while. Previously inactive accounts may be subject to payment holds while rebuilding a positive selling history.

You receive a large number of reversals, disputes, or chargebacks. We suggest that you communicate with your customers often and work with them to resolve any concerns. If your customer filed a dispute or chargeback because someone illegally used their PayPal account to make the transaction, please hold off on shipping any items.
Your selling pattern has changed. For example, the sales volume increases abnormally, or there’s a change in your average selling price, business platform, or type of item being sold.

The transaction involves higher-risk items, including tickets, gift cards, consumer electronics, computers, and travel packages.
By placing the payments on hold, we want to make sure that there are enough funds in your PayPal account to resolve any issues that may arise with your transactions, such as chargebacks or disputes.

If there aren’t any issues with your transaction or account, the payment will typically be available to you within 21 days after receipt (the funds may not be released until later in the day). To get your payments released sooner, use trackable delivery with any of our approved delivery companies and enter the tracking details on your Activities page. We’ll usually release your payment 1 day after delivery is confirmed. If your buyer confirms they’ve received the item, your payment will be released immediately.

Where is the money I received on PayPal?

If you are expecting money from someone, but don’t see it in your PayPal account:

  • The sender sent the payment to the wrong email address or spelled your email incorrectly. Please confirm with the sender the exact spelling of the email address they sent the payment to.
  • The email address on your PayPal account is not yet confirmed. You need to have a confirmed email address to receive payments.
  • You may have received a fraudulent email disguised as a payment notification email from PayPal. Before you ship anything, log in to your PayPal account and check that you were actually paid. We never ask you to provide a tracking number by email. If you’ve been paid, you’ll always see the payment in your PayPal account.

If you’re receiving a refund and paid with a credit or debit card, the refunded money will be sent to that card. It may take up to 30 days for the refund amount to appear on your card statement.

How can I release my PayPal payment(s) on hold?

You can help to release the eligible payments by following one of the below steps:
Add Tracking. Use one of our approved shipping carriers and we’ll release the hold 24 hours after the courier confirmed delivery to the buyer’s address.
Update the order status if the held payment is for a service or intangible item (e.g. piano lessons, e-book). You’ll get your money 7 days after confirming the order status as Completed.
In rare cases, the payment may not be released after this time. For example, this may happen if your business model has changed or we see a significant difference in your selling price. In this case, we’ll release your payment 21 days after you received it.

Here’s how to add tracking information or change the order status:

  • Go to your Activity.
  • Find the transaction you would like to update, then click Get your money.
  • If you sold a product, select Product to add tracking information or print shipping label directly.
  • If you sold an intangible item or service, select Service or virtual product to confirm order status.
  • Click Submit.
  • Once you click ‘Submit’, the buyer receives an email notifying them that you entered the shipment tracking information for this transaction (if applicable). The email includes the tracking number, order status, and shipping company.

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